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New Zealand Police
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Control Rooms, Crestron, Audio Visual Systems, Streaming and Webcasting

New Zealand Police

About them:

New Zealand Police works with the community to make New Zealanders be safe and feel safe. With over 13,000 staff, they provide policing services 24 hours a day, every day. New Zealand Police operate by land, sea and air, manage over 860,000 emergency calls a year and are always actively preventing crime and crashes.

What We Did:

In 2012, TenFour were approached by NZ Police to assist in designing a District Command Centre.

Project Objectives:

This was to be a control room that would allow staff to oversee and manage any regional emergency incidents. Initial discussions began with Police asking for displays and an efficient way of simply changing content.

Final Results:

The main challenge was that once we engaged with key personnel we realised that, due to the fact that this was a totally new concept, there was no clear direction on how the rooms should look, how they would operate or exactly what devices would be required. This obviously impacted both design and the financial plan as again it was unknown how successful the DCCs would be, and in turn what budget should be allocated.

Due to the amount of unknowns Crestron was an ideal fit as it allowed us to specify a Digital Media (DM) Frame (DM16x16 & DM32x32) which would make provision to increase by simply adding inputs and outputs as, and when, needed. The multi format platform of input/output options, transmitters/receivers meant we would be able to expand the system as necessitated. This proved to be extremely valuable as the DCCs grew at an amazing rate with the success of the system creating confidence and requests for constant additions (20” Touch Panels, extra displays, additional inputs, TX-201 for external agencies to connect to the system). The NCCC alone has increased from one area with 8 screens (4×2 video wall) to the main area now using 24 screens (8×3 video wall) and two other areas being added – breakout room which has a 4×2 videowall and multiple inputs and a meeting room which has the ability to send any signal to it for a more private environment.

The Crestron 3 series processor and Crestron TSW1050 Touch Panel gave us the ability to design a simple and easy to use interface with icons and images. Our programmer took the approach of using graphics for all of the inputs and displays so that it was much easier for operators to interpret source selection and assigning a screen location/ configuration – single screen, 2×2, 3×3.

This has been a great project to be involved in and the partnered approach between TenFour, NZ Police & Crestron has attributed to the successful outcome of the solution. This has led to the rollout of the solution to seven regions and one National Crisis Coordination Centre where we have standardised the look and feel of the Control Rooms while still adding any features unique to the Regions requirements.

Again, due to Crestron’s ability to “crystal ball” our industry requirements we are now adding DM streaming capability. This will enable NZ Police to stream information, from any signal fed into the local frame, out over their network and be received directly into the frame at any of the other regions. This is accomplished by adding the Crestron streaming input and output cards and provides connectivity between the DM Frames and Regions. This continues to be a work in progress and we are constantly looking at advantages of where technology can be added or improved to enhance the overall solution.

Great work done by your team with setting up the webex in our crime room at Henderson.

New Zealand Police

NZ-Police-DCC-Meeting Control Room Crestron Digital Media (DM)
NZ-Police-DCC-Meeting Control Room Crestron Digital Media (DM)