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TenFour is an expert in providing holistically designed and supported workplace audio-visual communications technology. We take a user-centred approach to design systems that offer flexibility, consistency, scalability and a user-friendly experience.

Our systems are consistent in design and boast simple ergonomic control of each meeting room/learning space. However simple or complex, we consider all audio-visual communication and IT components required and design a system interface that enables them to work together seamlessly. Drawing on our knowledge and expertise, we design value-focused and robust solutions for our clients based on their unique requirements and environment.

Good design is not just about aesthetics. Equally important is how it works and what it achieves. Whatever your requirements, we know that the end solution needs to be practical. So, our designs are tailored, functional, and easy to use. Our in-house team of expert engineers, designers, and programming experts will assess your project requirements to create an effective system design that meets your needs and is appropriate for the environment.

As part of our consultation and design process, we prepare detailed solution and programming scopes as well as generate accurate designs and drawing sets to ensure the smooth delivery of your installation. 

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