Audio-Visual Integration for the Transportation Industry

Audio-visual technology is a crucial part of the transportation industry, enhancing travellers’ journeys, improving logistics and increasing the productivity of back-end processes.


At TenFour, we design and offer seamless audio-visual technology integration and support for various sectors in the transportation industry to ensure an immersive experience for travellers.

Segments we serve

Our AV and UC solutions for transport hubs

Digital signage and video walls

Audio and video elements are integral to today’s transport hubs. Display important information like boarding announcements and arrival/departure times or entertain travellers with our interactive digital signage and video walls for a better travel experience.


Make transport hubs and facilities more accessible and inclusive through touch-enabled digital kiosks with wayfinding, check-in capabilities, and information display. Enhance and improve the overall travel experience with our state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Audio solutions

Is your announcement system efficient at communicating information? Do they cater to those hard of hearing? Our high-quality audio and sound systems complement visual information while creating an inclusive and accessible environment for travellers and employees.

Surveillance and security

Security is a primary concern at transport hubs and undoubtedly challenging. With our high-tech surveillance systems, you can ensure the safety and security of passengers, employees, staff and equipment 24/7/365.

Control solutions

The day-to-day operations of transport hubs rely on efficient and error-free control. We provide advanced control room setups for centralised monitoring and management of the AV technology throughout transport hubs and terminals of all sizes.

Our expertise

The transportation sector is no exception when it comes to integrating audio-visual technology.

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