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Terms like live streaming and webcasting have become commonplace with the digitisation of communication channels. With businesses going global and traditional office cubicles transforming into remote staff networks, the need for robust digital conference room technologies and collaboration tools has become paramount. 


Convenient, practical, and efficient streaming and webcasting technologies enable businesses to expand their reach and connect with the audience regardless of location. 


While webcasting is the live online broadcasting of audio or video feed, streaming refers to the continuous transmission of audio or video content over the internet. So, instead of downloading an entire file at once, streaming content loads as you hear/watch it. Another widely used terminology is live streaming, whereby the content streamed is not pre-recorded but sent over the internet in real-time. 


TenFour is a premier supplier of cutting-edge AV and UC solutions throughout New Zealand. We have partnered with Tripleplay, Wowza, and Vimeo Livestream to offer high-quality live streaming platforms for business applications.

Key Benefits of Service:

 Live streaming and webcasting have become increasingly popular ways for organisations to host online events.

Featured Solutions


Tripleplay is a one-stop platform for enterprise video, IPTV, and digital signage with applications spanning many industries. 


Tripleplay Cloud: A next-generation digital engagement platform with a flexible SaaS subscription model for digital signage, IPTV, webcasting, and video streaming.


TripleTV: A next-generation enterprise IPTV headend platform for redistributing content from various sources across an IP network to desktop video apps, digital signage screens, mobile IPTV applications, interactive IPTV portal, or as a standalone TV feed.


Enterprise Video: Tripleplay EVP is an end-to-end and secure platform for the management and delivery of broadcast TV, live in-house streams, video on demand, and digital signage across their CDN (content delivery network) to any IP-enabled location. 


Wowza offers industry-leading streaming technology for business-critical applications. Streaming solutions on the platform include live video monitoring and surveillance, live broadcast and OTT streaming, interactive live streaming, low latency streaming and video on demand. Industries that benefit significantly include security and surveillance, monitoring and diagnostics, government technology, retail, media and entertainment, gambling, esports, and auctions.

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