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Seeking an immersive way to engage audiences with live video content, like product demonstrations, meetings, large-scale virtual events, or expert panel discussions? Webcasts and live streams are transformative tools that empower businesses to connect, engage, and promote their brand presence.


What’s the distinction between a webcast and a live stream? Webcasts are real-time online broadcasts of an audio or video feed. They have become an indispensable tool for disseminating knowledge, fostering collaboration and reaching a broader online audience. Live streams take audience engagement to the next level by delivering content as it happens, cultivating a sense of immediacy and interaction. Unlike pre-recorded content, a webcast or live video stream allows for real-time attendee feedback, Q&A sessions, and interactive polls, creating a dynamic and engaging experience that resonates with the audience.


As a premier supplier of cutting-edge AV and UC solutions throughout New Zealand, TenFour has partnered with Tripleplay, Wowza, and Vimeo Livestream to offer high-quality streaming and webcasting software for business applications.

Key Benefits of Service:

Live streaming and webcasting have become increasingly popular for organisations hosting online events. A live webcast or stream broadens the communication reach and serves as a lead-generation tool. With the ability to attract a global audience, a streaming or webcasting platform creates a sense of urgency for the content, enhancing accessibility and establishing robust connectivity.

Featured Solutions: Virtual Events & Live Webcast


Tripleplay is a comprehensive platform for enterprise video, IPTV, and digital signage with applications spanning many industries.


Tripleplay Cloud: A cloud-based SaaS digital engagement platform with a flexible subscription model for digital signage, IPTV, webcasting, and video streaming. The audio and video quality ensures an engaging experience for all attendees.


TripleTV: This is a next-generation enterprise IPTV headend platform that redistributes content from various sources across an IP network to desktop video apps, digital signage screens, mobile IPTV applications, an interactive IPTV portal, or a standalone TV feed.


Enterprise Video: Tripleplay EVP is an end-to-end and secure platform for managing and delivering broadcast TV, live in-house streams, on-demand video, and digital signage across their CDN (content delivery network) to any IP-enabled location.


Wowza, known for its industry-leading streaming technology, caters to business-critical applications. Streaming solutions on the platform include live video monitoring and surveillance, live broadcast and OTT streaming, interactive live streaming, low latency streaming, and video on demand. Industries benefiting significantly from Wowza include security and surveillance, monitoring and diagnostics, government technology, retail, media and entertainment, esports, and auctions.

Vimeo Livestream & live broadcast

Vimeo, a leader in live streaming solutions, allows you to broadcast high-quality video while providing enhanced control and monitoring features. It offers a superior viewing experience with ad-free, high-definition streaming. You can personalise your stream with custom logos, on-screen graphics, and other branding elements. Additionally, Vimeo lets you launch multiple streams simultaneously from desktop, mobile, or API.

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