Technology for seamless, centralised control

AV control rooms are the heart and soul of organisations. From monitoring and control to surveillance and communication, control rooms facilitate holistic command over enterprise-wide AV and IT systems.

Having a single point of control for disparate technology creates a collaborative environment that multiple individuals can use in real-time for various situations.


A hub of activities and critical decision-making, control room solutions must be easy-to-use, maintain, and operate while being highly dependable. TenFour offers control room solutions that are simple, reliable, and tailored to specific business needs.


Our range of control room AV and UC solutions enable enterprise-wide control, regardless of how demanding the environment is.

Drive productivity and efficiency with custom control room solutions

TenFour is pleased to have designed solutions for New Zealand Police District Command Centres for the management, distribution and monitoring of nationwide policing activity. 


We’ve also had the privilege to design and deliver comprehensive central control solutions for the Wellington Transport Operations Centre (WTOC) and the Auckland Transport Operations Centre (ATOC).


Control rooms require reliable and scalable display solutions without glitches. From video walls to digital signage, our diverse range of high-performance display products with advanced visualisation and monitoring capabilities will seamlessly integrate with your control room environment and workflow, no matter the size of your business.

Image processors and video wall controllers

Regardless of your location or time zone, content processors and controllers let you have complete command over your control room environment through easy data viewing and interaction. TenFour provides versatile image processing and video controlling solutions that simplify information and content management across multiple displays and screens.

Secure data routing

Buzzing control room environments require reliable, safe and constant multi-display monitoring of real-time data from various sources. TenFour’s end-to-end solutions facilitate consistent, intuitive, and simultaneous interaction between multiple display devices and input sources for all-around control room applications.

Trusted partnerships delivering quality and excellence

Our partners include some of the leading providers of AV and UC technology solutions.


Processors and Controllers:

Switching and Routing: