Gain the competitive edge with corporate audio-visual technology

The rapidly changing era of digital transformation calls for companies to adapt to meet their evolving technological needs. 

With today’s corporate spaces thriving on effective communication, companies must choose technologies that promote collaboration and productivity in the workforce.

At TenFour, we provide custom corporate AV and UC solutions to help you meet your organisational goals. We understand the communication needs of modern corporate spaces, empowering you with the tools you need to transform your organisation.

Corporate spaces we cover

Bespoke AV & UC solutions for your organisation

Sound and display

Effective display and sound systems are the key to productive and engaging meetings and presentations. From large screen projection systems and ceiling-mounted projectors to acoustic treatments and sound masking, we offer state-of-the-art sound and display solutions across meeting rooms, conference areas and huddle spaces.

Digital signage-Display panels

Thinking of the best way to communicate important announcements to employees? Interactive digital signage and video display panels can help engage and enrich the employee and visitor experience. Immerse your audience with engaging text and graphics with our custom-made digital signage and LED display panels for corporate spaces.

Instructional technology

Efficient and user-friendly instructional technology enables ongoing education and training for employees and staff. Empower your employees, increase job satisfaction and boost retention rates with our innovative instructional technology such as interactive whiteboards and large screen projection systems.

Audio-visual conferencing systems

Audio-video conferencing tools and platforms ensure uninterrupted communication, no matter where you or your employees are. Let your employees deliver impactful presentations to clients or reach out to your remote employees with our efficient teleconferencing and video conferencing systems.

Control room solutions

Want to make your corporate space more secure and organised? Unified communication and display technology allow for better management and monitoring from control rooms. Improve the control room experience further by protecting sensitive information and company assets with our security solutions customised to your needs.

Our expertise for your corporate needs

Investing in the right corporate technology will give you a competitive edge while creating the best workspace experience for your employees and staff.

Reach out to our experts today to learn more about the corporate solutions we provide. Click here to view the case studies.

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