Enabling easy collaboration with conference rooms

A conference room plays a vital role in the workplace, helping businesses of all sizes to interact and collaborate with colleagues, users, and customers.


Today’s conference rooms need solutions that support the perfect collaborative environment and allow control over technology to enhance productivity. The right audio-visual (AV) and unified communications (UC) technology empower teams to get together to innovate, share ideas, brainstorm, and make decisions.


TenFour offers the most advanced and practical conference room functionality and the perfect solution to amp up your meeting spaces. We have partnered with leading technology brands to design, deliver, deploy, support, and service tailored AV and UC solutions that transform the way organisations operate.

Take your virtual meetings to the next level with tailored AV & UC Solutions

At TenFour, our range of conference room solutions cover businesses of all types and sizes across various sectors. Upgrade the meeting spaces in your business today, or contact our team for product details about any of our meeting room products or accessories.

Audio-video conferencing room solutions

Businesses in today’s digital era rely on groundbreaking voice and video conferencing tools to connect with clients and teams located anywhere in the world. We offer custom audio-video conferencing solutions with high-quality visuals, premium audio solutions, and flexible mounting options to ensure effective local and global friction-free collaboration.

Interactive and impactful displays

From LED video walls and projection systems to IPTV and digital signage, impactful and powerful display is the key to connecting with your teams and audience. Our broad range of tailored conference room display solutions provides unparalleled reliability, performance, and value in all business environments.

Streaming and webcasting devices

Distance is no barrier in today’s digitally-connected world, and you can adapt your conference room for remote participants through live streaming and web broadcasting capabilities. We can customise our video collaboration and webcasting solutions to suit your video conferencing needs so that you can connect with your audience and maximise focus and engagement through the content you deliver.

Wireless presentation systems

Overwhelmed with the mess of cables around your meeting or video conferencing room? Share wirelessly and make presentations and content sharing as easy as a click with our wireless presentation systems. Flexible, ergonomic, and incredibly practical, wireless presentation technology lets you mirror content from any device on a projector or monitor without cables and plugs.

Room booking solutions

Smart scheduling technology makes workplaces more efficient, productive, flexible and connected by eliminating booking errors and discrepancies. We provide complete meeting room booking solutions and setup from trusted partners to help you increase productivity and manage workflow for the ultimate conference room experience.

Integrated control

Reliable and secure control systems play a vital role in modern hybrid work environments by streamlining disparate software and hardware features. Whether it is a meeting room or an entire office space, our practical and intuitive control solutions bring together employees and technology for maximum workplace productivity and collaboration.

Our trusted and valuable partners

Our partnership with premier audio and video technology partners delivers value and excellence in every configuration and solution we provide.

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