Commercial audio systems tailored for improved communication

Audio systems form a crucial component of the communication kit across most industries and sectors. Whether used as a standalone technology or in conjunction with videos in audio-visual communication, audio systems are indispensable in today’s digitally-driven world.


Audio systems have evolved from the basic microphone-amplifier-loudspeaker set-up into more powerful, compact, and versatile audio solutions. Moreover, commercial audio systems, wireless technology, software, and more efficient consumer electronics have spurred the transformation towards more flexibility, creativity, and enhanced control.


TenFour offers integrated, end-to-end solutions to simplify and enhance communication across enterprises. Our audio visual system includes multiple speakers and powered speakers, wired with reliability, to ensure a reliable sound experience. Our partners include some of the leading names in the audio equipment industry, including Shure, Sennheiser, JBL, QSC, Biamp, and Williams AV, to name a few. We assure our clients of the most natural and seamless acoustics with state-of-the-art, effective, and user-friendly sound solutions and services.

Key Applications of Sound System

Audio systems have applications across various sectors and setups as a practical, cost-effective, and convenient information delivery system. From bustling bars to soothing spas, from small rooms to large venues, our sound system is designed for a wide range of commercial applications. For example, our volume control abilities are perfect for adjusting noise levels in a different room or larger spaces. We also offer subwoofers for businesses needing a deeper bass response from their sound system.

Our Featured Audio-Visual Systems

Shure Conferencing Solutions

From end-to-end audio systems for large-scale conferences, sound systems to practical devices for meetings on the go, Shure has technology for every need. Shure audio microphones and processors, including their power amplifiers, are extensively used across conference rooms, including the Transpower nationwide rollout.

QSC Q-Sys Ecosystem

QSC is a one-stop platform for cloud-manageable audio, video, and control solutions, including loudspeakers and power amplifiers with full support for third-party integrations. The control system of the Q-Sys Ecosystem of hardware, services, and software has been rolled out into the Christchurch Exhibition and Convention Centre.


From classic wireless headphones to assistive listening devices and soundbars with immersive, high performance 3D sound experiences, Sennheiser offers one of the highest-quality sound and professional audio systems. Sennheiser ceiling microphones are used at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for crisp and clear audio communications.

Williams AV

William AV offers a plethora of innovative and professional audio-visual technologies, including assistive listening (hearing loops), wireless communication, audio description, and simultaneous language interpretation solutions. It is being used at the Christchurch Exhibition and Convention Centre.


JBL offers audio hardware solutions for both home and professional needs. Whether you’re at home, at a music concert, in your car, or a professional setting, JBL’s revolutionary sound systems, including headphones and loudspeakers, offer an intuitive acoustic experience. JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers are a part of the Deloitte Christchurch upgrade.

Why Work With Us

What makes TenFour stand out from the rest?

We are specialists in providing holistic solutions for workplace AV and UC communication needs. Our unique and efficient services and support team serves clients directly without relying on a third party. We are a Crestron Elite Partner and the only Polycom Platinum Partner and certified service provider in New Zealand. Our sound systems provide background music and other advanced features to operate within a variety of rooms and spaces to create the desired atmosphere. We also offer comprehensive lighting solutions to enhance your venue’s ambiance. Our installation team ensures all products are correctly installed and connected, delivering high-quality sound regardless of the space. We are the preferred suppliers of premium technology vendors with an expansive product range, competitive prices, and better warranties.


We bring decades of knowledge and experience to every project, helping businesses find the perfect speaker or sound system that fits their requirements, office space and budget. Our staff works closely with clients, offering excellent customer service throughout the search, purchase, and installation process. We have an extensive variety of products to choose from, ensuring the perfect audio system for every business, and venue.