Technology supporting seamless discussion and collaboration

An organisation’s meeting and boardroom is a hub for the highest-level decision-making, reserved for the who’s who of a company.

Meeting Rooms and Boardrooms have evolved from simple spaces with basic seating arrangements to highly-functional and sophisticated environments. Modern meeting and boardrooms are equipped with some of the most innovative and practical audio-visual (AV) and unified communications (UC) technologies that work for businesses of any size.


A boardroom represents an organisation’s culture and so its spatial and technological design codes must reflect perfection and expertise. TenFour helps integrate meeting and boardroom AV and UC solutions that are easy to use and reliable for uninterrupted meeting experiences.

Bespoke AV & UC solutions for a high-quality meeting & boardroom experience

TenFour offers multiple AV and UC solutions, customised to suit your organisation’s unique needs.

Connect globally with audio and video conferencing

Audio and video conferencing systems help keep meeting and boardroom interactions personalised and effective, improving collaboration, locally and globally. We offer flexible, reliable, and high-quality audio and video conferencing solutions tailored to your needs, guaranteed with crystal clear visuals and sound.

Hassle-free presentation with wireless solutions

Get rid of distractions and present to your audience with only a few clicks. Wireless presentation solutions use technologies that let users present content from their personal devices without getting tangled up in a mess of cables. Our tailored wireless solutions are quick and easy to set up, ensuring your meeting and boardroom remains organised and clutter-free.

Zoom rooms for today’s remote work environments

Zoom rooms allow quick and effective audio-video collaboration and web conferencing with teams, clients and colleagues located anywhere in the world. Easy to use, time-saving, and productive, Zoom rooms eliminate the mess of cables, wires, and dongles for the ultimate professional meeting and boardroom experience.

Video walls and LED displays for maximum visual impact

Video walls and LED displays offer large visualisation surfaces to create an improved visual impact in any environment. These video walls come in a wide range of resolutions and sizes, and our expert team will tailor a solution that best suits your needs. Our custom video wall solutions are great for captivating the audience, no matter the setting.

Engage and inform with digital signage

Digital signage solutions have many boardroom applications, from electronic door signs and meeting schedule displays to dashboards and alerts. We provide reliable, high-performance, and impactful digital signage, wayfinding, and IPTV solutions to help you inform and engage your audience in a positive and compelling way.

Display solutions for seamless communication

Other popular meetinga and boardroom display solutions include large-format projection screens, smartboards, interactive panels, etc. At TenFour, we design, deliver and provide support for a range of customised display solutions to ensure you have a meeting and boardroom experience that meets your communication and collaboration needs effortlessly.

Smart scheduling with room booking solutions

Innovative booking systems offer a convenient way to schedule and manage meeting and boardroom spaces while ensuring no last-minute unavailabilities or double bookings. We offer certified workspace scheduling solutions that come with additional functionalities like calendar software, email software, digital signage, and productivity analytics to enhance your meetings.

Automation and control at your fingertips

Control and automation systems help organisations optimise and manage operations by unifying the technology and equipment within spaces through remotes and custom control panels. We deliver smart, flexible, reliable, and scalable systems that bring automation and control of your meeting and boardroom to your fingertips

Quality partnerships that deliver value and excellence

We have teamed up with leading industry providers to offer the widest range of tailored meeting and boardroom solutions and tools.

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