Technology for commercial and retail spaces

Creating a functional business environment isn’t enough. Whether B2B or B2C, modern, collaborative, and global businesses need spaces that impress customers, clients, and staff.

The best commercial audio-visual (AV) and unified communications (UC) solutions empower commercial spaces for improved innovation, productivity, efficiency, operational agility, teamwork, and communication.


At TenFour, we offer reliable, secure, and custom AV and UC solutions for businesses, including corporate offices and commercial spaces. From advanced sound systems and impressive displays to integrated control, we offer the solutions you need to transform your business space.

Complete AV & UC solutions for intelligent and efficient spaces

From design and delivery to setup and support, our suite of commercial AV and UC solutions ensures that you have the perfect commercial environment. 

Display and video walls

There are no alternatives to interactive and eye-catching display solutions for making a visual impact. We have solutions to meet your environment and audience needs, from LED projectors and flat panel displays to video walls of various resolutions and sizes. Create engaging visuals to display sales and other information for customers stepping into your store.

Digital signage and IPTV

Looking to build your brand while creating a lasting impression on your customers? Our tailored digital signage, wayfinding and IPTV systems are designed to attract and engage through rich text, graphics, and other visual elements. Whether you want to share relevant information or interact with immersive content, TenFour is here to assist you.

Sound systems

Looking for lively background music to set the vibe of your pub or a PA system for your warehouse? Having custom-designed sound systems in your commercial or retail establishment helps you create the perfect atmosphere for your patrons and staff. We offer state-of-the-art audio solutions, no matter the situation or environment.

Integrated control

At the core of commercial AV and UC infrastructure is a secure and reliable control system. TenFour designs and integrates solutions that control, automate, manage and unify the technology and people within spaces. From HVAC, light, and AV equipment control to intuitive touch panels and remotes, we offer complete building control solutions.

Meaningful partnerships that deliver value

Because of our relationship with reliable industry leading partners in the AV and UC technology space, we can provide quality, value, and excellence with every solution we provide.

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