Technology that supports live AV experiences

Auditoriums and theatres form an integral part of the cultural infrastructure in schools, colleges, universities, offices, recreational centres, and other commercial spaces. With several uses across organisations, these places serve as venues for awards ceremonies, seminars, concerts, press conferences, and much more.

At TenFour, we collaborate with professionals, experts, and industry-leading partners to deliver state-of-the-art audio-visual (AV) and unified communications (UC) technologies for auditoriums and theatres.

From high-quality displays and cutting-edge acoustics to integrated control systems, our tailored, end-to-end solutions ensure that your audience gets the best-in-class auditorium experience. Our audio-visual system solutions for auditoriums and theatres are easy to use for presenters, administrators, and technicians alike.

Enhancing the auditorium experience with customised AV & UC solutions

TenFour offers custom AV and UC solutions that enhance the live experience in auditoriums and theatres.

Multiple device support for content sharing

Auditoriums and theatres need technology that allow content sharing from any device with minimal setup. From projection systems to wireless presentation devices, TenFour offers the widest range of auditorium solutions and tools to create high-quality experiences for audiences and presenters.

Audio systems for seamless acoustics

The audio technology in auditoriums and theatres must ensure sound clarity while catering to audience members relying on assistive listening systems. We offer a wide range of tailored audio tools and technologies that take the acoustic experience to a whole new level and give you cutting-edge solutions that stand out in any environment.

Digital signage to enhance engagement

Engage, inform, and make a compelling connection with your audience with our tailored digital signage solutions. When placed at strategic locations such as auditorium entrances, digital signage software systems, data visualisation, wayfinding, and IPTV are great tools to advertise events and communicate key messages.

Live streaming for global communication

Customised live streaming and webcasting maximise engagement and allow you to deliver content to your audience with impact. Whether you are organising a seminar or hosting a cultural event, we’ll help you design and deliver the right streaming solution to ensure that you connect with your live and remote audience.

Integrated control systems for improved efficiency

From lighting and shading to audio-visual and access controls, you need integrated systems to stay on top of your auditorium AV and UC solutions. We bring together a dedicated team of partners and professionals to tailor integrated auditorium control solutions that let you unify multiple technologies while boosting efficiency and lowering costs.

Quality partnerships that deliver value and excellence

We work with some of the leading names in the AV and UC communications technology space to deliver a world-class audio-visual experience in large venues.



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