Smart Room Booking Systems for Modern Workplaces

Over time, workspaces have evolved to become more innovative, compact and efficient. Modern workplaces have shifted away from the traditional way of booking meeting rooms, focusing more on optimal space and resource utilisation, increased safety and enhanced productivity. As business needs change, there’s a greater emphasis on managing unused space to ensure efficient room usage. Companies now realise the importance of space management and have begun integrating solutions for better office space usage around the workplace.


Space management systems offer a simple and convenient tool to reserve conference rooms or desks within offices and shared locations. With an easy-to-use platform, users can book rooms, schedule meetings, and plan events for a specified time, date and duration. These systems enable teams to efficiently and effectively access real-time information on space availability, equipment, facilities, and capacities and avoid conflicts. 


Some systems for desk and conference room bookings integrate additional functionality such as email, calendar and visitor management software, productivity analytics, utilisation reporting and digital signage to optimise shared space usage and meeting protocols. Many of these platforms offer online scheduling capabilities, enhancing the user experience by showing upfront price and policy details.


TenFour has partnered with leading technology vendors Crestron, Condeco and Ubiqisense to provide certified scheduling solutions. Drawing from over 20 years of expertise and experience, TenFour delivers cutting-edge technology that meets the highest quality standards while tailored to clients’ needs.

Key Benefits of Service:

With applications spanning multiple industries and sectors, including hospitality providers and event management planners, online booking systems offer several benefits to businesses, organisations and employees. The advanced features of room scheduling software can transform how office space is used, streamlining reservations.

Featured Solutions for Meeting Rooms


Crestron Flex Scheduling is a one-stop platform to help workplaces incorporate efficient space scheduling into daily setup. Convenient and flexible, Crestron Flex Scheduling allows users to schedule and manage meeting spaces from their personal devices or on-site using their enterprise-grade scheduling panel. Whether it's desk or meeting room bookings, Crestron has the solution.


A global leader in workspace scheduling solutions, Condeco simplifies and accelerates booking and scheduling for meeting rooms and personal spaces. From video conferencing rooms, desks, and meeting rooms to lockers, Condeco ensures hassle-free, efficient workspace management. The user-friendly interface integrates seamlessly with the calendar, helping to avoid overlaps and providing efficient room and resource management.


Addressing the need for adaptive and optimal workspace utilisation, Ubiqisense offers solutions catering to the challenges of modern office spaces. The platform provides cloud analytics and smart workspace occupancy sensors that can integrate with any desk and meeting room booking system or workspace management system.

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TenFour offers intelligent scheduling software to make your workplace more productive and collaborative, empowering employees to manage their schedules efficiently. Our systems are enriched with automation, helpful insights, and dynamic team support, which streamline the meeting room booking process and ensure seamless collaboration. You can create a fluid and efficient workflow by leveraging TenFour’s advanced features tailored for optimised meeting room and office space utilisation.

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