Communication Systems for Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most critical sectors globally, and it is more evident now than ever. 

With an overwhelming demand for medical facilities and services, the healthcare industry is quick to deploy technology to enhance the overall patient experience.

Our team of experts at TenFour design, install and integrate innovative and custom AV and UC solutions so that healthcare facilities and professionals can provide top-notch medical care.

We cater to holistic healthcare needs

Our solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Video walls-Display panels

LED/LCD walls and video display panels in patient rooms, procedure rooms, and facility lobbies for information and entertainment enhance the patient and staff experience. TenFour has the expertise and innovation to help you display important information or provide entertainment to your audience with solutions custom-made for your facility.

Digital signage-Wayfinding

Interactive digital signage and wayfinding solutions help medical staff, patients, and visitors access critical information and service points in healthcare facilities. Ease communication and simplify navigation with our customised and innovative digital signage and wayfinding solutions for the healthcare sector.

Sound and display

Conference areas and training rooms in hospitals and medical facilities need clear audio and impactful displays for maximum productivity and efficiency. Our high-quality audio and video systems are designed to deliver seamless and uninterrupted communication, no matter the size of your healthcare facility.

Video and teleconferencing

Mobile healthcare conferencing systems are fast becoming the norm in this digital age. Our video and teleconferencing systems allow optimum communication with patients and staff across locations. No matter where the medical staff and personnel are, video and teleconferencing ensure they are always connected to patients.

Control systems

Healthcare facilities are packed with various audio and video technology requiring centralised and integrated control. Our customised wireless control systems allow the integration of people and technology in a healthcare facility for better maintenance and monitoring so that your patients, staff and visitors get the best experience.

Security solutions

Keeping a close eye on everything happening in your healthcare facility is essential. Our high-quality and reliable cameras and video surveillance systems enable healthcare facilities to amp up the safety and security of patients, staff, doctors and medical equipment. Empower your security team with solutions customised for your needs.

Rethink healthcare communication technology with TenFour

We have engaged with some of the leading names in the healthcare industry to deliver state-of-the-art audio and visual solutions. 

Looking for the best-in-class AV/UC solutions for your healthcare facility? Reach out to our experts at TenFour for more information on how we can assist you. Click here to view the case studies.

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