Technology for your informal meeting spaces

Traditional conference rooms have collaborative benefits, but huddle spaces are ideal for informal, on-the-fly meetings. Perfect for small groups, huddle spaces offer the freedom to include remote participants as well. 

The technology in huddle spaces must be intuitive, reliable, and designed to boost productivity and collaboration. At TenFour, we have partnered with leading providers of audio-visual (AV) and unified communications (UC) solutions for huddle space design and implementation


With simple, consistent, and intuitive user experience across spaces, our solutions ensure efficient and seamless presentation and meetings. We help you create a secure and flexible huddle room infrastructure with cutting-edge AV and UC solutions.

Amp up your huddle space with TenFour

No matter the size of your organisation, our huddle space AV and UC technology solutions allow teams to collaborate spontaneously outside the traditional conference room.


Clients that have transformed their meeting spaces using our holistically designed office room technology solutions include DDB and Marsh & McLennan. 

Drive collaboration with audio-video conferencing

Audio-video conferencing is the lifeline of meeting spaces, bridging geographical barriers and driving effective communication. The flexibility and reliability of our custom audio-video conferencing solutions with crystal clear sound and visuals ensure that your huddle space is ever-ready for impromptu meetings.

Share content without the cables

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of the mess of cables in meeting rooms? Our wireless presentation solutions are tailored for huddle spaces so that you can simply connect and share content from your laptop or mobile device with just a few taps. Present content on-the-fly and transform your informal space into a productive environment.

Bring content to life with multi-display solutions

Data visualisation on multiple devices simultaneously takes collaboration a notch higher. TenFour’s custom display solutions let you engage your audience and communicate your message with impact. You can choose from our rich array of display technologies and brands, including projectors and flat panel displays.

Inspire creativity with digital signage and interactive displays

Gone are the days of cumbersome whiteboards and flip carts; digital signage and interactive digital displays drive communication and collaboration in huddle spaces through simple touch interactions. Make your huddle space a collaboration hub with our interactive digital signage and display solutions.

Keep control at your fingertips

Cramming your huddle room with technology isn’t enough. You need effective and secure centralised control integrating every component of your huddle space infrastructure. From light and HVAC to AV equipment, we offer integrated control solutions through intuitive touch panels and remotes for a seamless huddle room experience.

Delivering quality and excellence through meaningful partnerships

Our partners and suppliers include premier names in the AV and UC technology space.

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