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When it comes to communication and advertising, a digital display remains a favourite across many industries. Enhanced by sophisticated technology, these displays swiftly grab the audience’s attention and facilitate effective communication.


TenFour’s professional display solutions are the ideal addition to any environment. Whether you’re looking for a large video wall for high-footfall areas like theatres, auditoriums and classrooms or an interactive touchscreen for smaller spaces, we have the perfect products to suit your requirements. Our comprehensive display solutions cater to every aspect of your business premises, including mounts, stands, cables, connectors, software and media players. With trusted partners like Crestron, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and more, TenFour guarantees top-tier digital display solutions for every need and preference.

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Digital display solutions are of great help to businesses. 

Featured Solutions


A beacon of innovation and creativity, Samsung boasts many products for diverse settings, from live events to retail spaces. Their display solutions encompass video walls, standalone signages, and interactive displays.


As a forerunner in technological innovation, LG introduces new advancements annually. Their top-tier display solutions, including Direct View LED signage, Digital Signage, OLED, Outdoor Displays, and Video Walls, are designed to elevate your business environment.


ViewSonic revolutionises message delivery with its impactful commercial display solutions. Their products span from the 43-inch 4K Ultra-HD Commercial Display to the 216-inch Premium All-In-One Direct View LED Display, ensuring a display solution for every need.


Epson, a leading developer of advanced display solutions, is renowned for its innovative projectors. They offer easy management across multiple projectors through a unified network. Users benefit from wireless streaming and sharing via Epson's 'Easy Interactive Tools' software and can optimise their setup using Epson’s Throw Distance Calculator and Lens Distance Calculator. These projectors also feature a plethora of other enhancements for superior display solutions.


Crestron's display solutions significantly boost workspace efficiency. Their touch screens, known for high-end video quality and dynamic designs, integrate seamlessly. Whether it's digital signage, video walls, presentations, or content sharing, Crestron offers an extensive range of connectivity options for AV and control signal distribution.

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Elevate your brand’s presence and engage customers like never before with TenFour’s display solutions. Our high-performance components deliver cutting-edge visual experiences. Enquire now and let our display experts guide you towards the perfect solution for your site.