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When it comes to communication and advertising, a digital display board remains a favourite in most industries. 


Backed by sophisticated technology, a digital display screen quickly catches the audience’s attention and helps in an easy relay of messages. 


Keeping the goal of clear communication in mind, TenFour’s professional display solutions make for the perfect addition to any environment. While our large display solutions fit perfectly in busy settings, like, theatres, auditoriums, and classrooms, our range of best-in-class commercial display options are tailored for limited spaces and areas. 


TenFour guarantees the best digital display solutions catering to every need, environment, and preference with partners like Crestron, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and many more.

Key Benefits of Service:

Digital display solutions are of great help to businesses. 

Featured Solutions


A leader in innovation and creativity, Samsung has brought forward some of the best digital display board options, tailor-made for many commercial needs. Providing video walls, standalone signages, interactive and touch displays, and so on, our partner has created a diverse pool of products that are suitable to be used anywhere, from live events to retail spaces.


LG has been one of the forerunners bringing in waves of technological change and advancements each new year. With products like Direct View LED signage, Digital Signage, OLED, Outdoor Displays, and Video Walls, LG’s top-tier display solutions are made to transform your business environment.


ViewSonic aims to change the way messages are delivered with a line of high impact commercial displays. The ViewSonic commercial display sign line includes display boards of varying dimensions and clarity. From 43 inch 4K Ultra-HD Commercial Display to 216-inch Premium All-In-One Direct View LED Display, ViewSonic has a display solution for every need.


Developers of advanced display solutions, Epson is best known for its projector that comes armed with innovative projector tools. Epson allows easy management of several of its projectors by connecting them all to a single network. Furthermore, the user also gets the benefits of wirelessly streaming and sharing, using Epson’s Our Easy Interactive Tools software, and perfecting their projector setup with Epson’s Throw Distance Calculator and Lens Distance Calculator. In addition to these, Epson projectors come with a wide range of other facilities for highly improved display solutions.


Crestron offers display solutions that significantly improve workspace efficiency. The Crestron touch screens are reliable, bringing spaces to life with their high-end video quality, dynamic designs, and seamless configurations. Be it digital signage and video walls or presentation and content sharing, Crestron has a wide range of connectivity options for AV and control signal distribution.

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