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An effective method to communicate key messages, digital signage provides a rich platform for any organisation to build its broader communication strategy. Digital signage software systems and other innovative products, such as wayfinding, data visualisation, and IPTV, help businesses connect and engage with target audiences simply and effectively. 


TenFour delivers Digital Signage solutions that make creating, publishing, and managing content simple and dependable for our customers. From brand engagement, increased revenue, and compliance to increased efficiencies, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction, we help organisations achieve their goals with our tailored solutions.


TenFour is the sole distributor for ONELAN (a Tripleplay brand) within Australasia.

Key Application of Service:

Digital signage is a powerful visual medium and information delivery system with applications spanning different industries.

Featured Solutions

Content Management Software

Balancing ease of use with access to expert developer features, ONELAN CMS is suitable for novice and professional users and scales seamlessly from single to thousand player networks. 


Create: Design multizone or full-screen multimedia layouts with intuitive features.

Schedule: Make targeted communications and build sophisticated playlists. 

Publish: Manage multi-user content channels.

Localise: Manage local messages and media.  

Digital Signage Players

From high-performance and intuitive Intel-powered Net-Top-Box (NTB) signage players and networking options to feature-rich software for bespoke content management and delivery, ONELAN does it all. With thousands of global installations, ONELAN offers complete digital signage solutions including multi-zone media displays, Crestron 4K certified video players, HID-compliant media players and much more.

Tripleplay IPTV Content and Delivery

ONELAN IPTV solutions enable next-generation enterprise video delivery whether you’re on the cloud, hybrid, or handling on-premise infrastructure. TripleTV, the enterprise IPTV headend platform allows content capture across multiple sources and encoding and redistributing them over an IP network. It supports multiple video delivery platforms, from digital signage screens and interactive IPTV portals to mobile IPTV applications or standalone TV feed. 


Looking to make navigation less stressful for your employees and visitors? With ONELAN’S interactive wayfinding solutions, you can decrease wastage, enhance visitors’ experience and increase revenue through dynamic digital signage. Familiar map-like interfaces help users navigate with only clicks. If you want to avoid any touch contaminations, ONELAN also has flexible and interactive wayfinding that can be accessed on a mobile device with a QR code.

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