Simplify Management with an Effective Control System

An effective control system is the foundation of successful management. With the help of one secure platform to manage everything, a centralised control system can successfully reduce the hassles of managing the ever-growing digital components in an organisation. 


At TenFour, we understand the need for a productive and well-functioning control system that gets the work done. We offer solutions that simplify the control, management and automation of the technological components in your space. Promising a seamless unification that not only merges single rooms but also enterprises, TenFour’s control system solutions are suitable for every business looking to bring structure and order within their walls. 


With our reliable and expert partners like Crestron, Kramer, Poly, and so on, you can be rest assured that your business is in the right hands!

Key Benefits of Service:

The benefits of a well-designed control system span businesses and industries of all kinds.

Featured Solutions


Crestron delivers simple, efficient, reliable and automated smart environments. The Crestron 4-Series Control Platform has been upgraded with surprising performance enhancements. It allows its users to unify and control AV equipment, lights, streaming media, voice and data, HVAC, and security with the help of intuitive touch panels, remotes, and custom control panels.


Kramer has developed a cloud-based control system that makes it highly simplified for end-users to set up their own control system within minutes. With the help of Kramer’s control systems, users can merge all major AV, automation, and collaboration devices at one go, and if all this wasn’t enough, Kramer also has a mobile-like interface, making it super easy to use.


The Poly Group Series Remote Control is one of the finest examples of control systems that work to efficiently connect several video systems in the same area. Not only are the Poly remote controls easy to use, but they are also compatible with multiple devices, allowing user flexibility. Furthermore, Poly remote controls come with a rechargeable USB battery, which is environmentally friendly, proving Poly’s commitment to a better future.

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