Your Delivery Partners

TenFour works with you to deploy your solution seamlessly following the initial design and planning phases.


We’ll guide you through every stage of the process, including implementation, installation, and commissioning. You will have one point-of-call throughout the process, and we’ll manage completion timelines, logistics, contractors, testing, and end-user training.

Project Management

Our experienced project facilitators oversee the entire installation process and are responsible for tracking delivery milestones, scheduling resources, procuring equipments and liaising with project teams and other trades. Our project facilitators are on hand to ensure communication channels remain open and delivery deadlines are achieved during the whole process.  


All TenFour technical staff are highly experienced to ensure quality and product delivery to our clients. Hardware is delivered to us before installation for configuration and equipment testing to minimise on-site delays and ensure your project is completed on time and to the highest standard.


Our dedicated and qualified programmers work closely with our design team to program touch panels with easy-to-use menus that simplify the day-to-day operation of your space and control everything from the AV hardware to lighting, blinds, and room booking interfaces.

Why Work With Us?

What makes TenFour stand out from the rest?