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Workspace management solutions fit seamlessly into your organisation’s daily operations and workflow to enable proactive and organised use of resources and spaces. 


Suitable for distributed and hybrid workforces, workspace management lowers costs and makes office spaces more accessible and efficient. 


Quick and easy availability of accurate personnel and occupancy information is crucial for better managing room areas, employee headcount, occupancy rates, space usage and much more. Likewise, meeting room booking systems enable better monitoring and management of meeting rooms while eliminating last-minute chaos. 


Simply implementing various control systems isn’t enough if your employees and visitors feel lost within the office walls; wayfinding solves the problem with interactive and intuitive interfaces that make finding rooms, people, and resources easy. 


As a leading enterprise AV and UC technology provider, TenFour offers reliable, efficient, and cutting-edge workplace management solutions that improve the employee experience through various organisation and communication tools to help them navigate, interact and optimise workplace resources and facilities.

Key Benefits of Service:

 Work environments today need spaces that can flex and adapt in any situation. Here’s where workplace management solutions do the job.

Featured Solutions


Crestron Enterprise Room Solutions bring together the best-in-class software and hardware to deliver scalable, easy-to-use and reliable technology for resource management and workflow optimisation. From state-of-the-art tabletop meeting solutions to enterprise AV distribution, room scheduling and enterprise monitoring, Crestron does it all. We are a Crestron Elite Partner offering simple, secure and scalable solutions for modern workplaces.


Whether you operate remotely or choose to work from an office, Condeco’s workplace management solutions ensure flexibility no matter your work environment. A global leader in enterprise-level workspace solutions, Condeco has the technology you need to manage your work and resources, from meeting rooms and collaboration spaces to video meetings and room bookings.


Robust and impactful display is a crucial element of any workspace. The Reserva Edge digital meeting room signage from Tripleplay integrates dynamically with room booking and scheduling software to deliver a comprehensive communications platform. Built on ONELAN’s NTB operating system, the interactive, ergonomic and multi-functional Reserva Edge room sign lets users manage meetings with in-room resources.

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