Audio-Visual Communication for Hospitality Venues

Adopting high-performance audio and visual systems across hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues is crucial to providing the experience guests expect. 


Leverage the right sound and display systems to ensure your customers have the best stay and dining experience.


At TenFour, we offer a range of high-quality, innovative and custom solutions for the hospitality industry, helping you create the right atmosphere for your visitors.

Spaces we cover

Our solutions for hotels and restaurants

Audio Solutions

Do you have the best audio systems to go with your display? Is the background music in your lounge or club in sync with the place’s vibe? Our audio speakers, background music systems and wireless microphones provide the ultimate acoustic experience for presentations, announcements and events.

Digital signage and display

Want to attract your guests with an interactive digital menu board or display general information to your patrons? We offer digital signage, video walls, and wayfinding solutions to help you reach out to your guests and engage them with rich text, graphics, and visually appealing content.

Integrated control

Hospitality venues deploy different audio and video technology systems that need centralised control with a single point of access. We design and install customised integrated control solutions that serve as the sole access point to connect people and technology throughout an establishment.

Security and surveillance

A custom video surveillance system for your hospitality venue ensures that the safety and security of your guests and staff are never compromised. With years of expertise and foresight, our experts at TenFour can deliver reliable and high-performance surveillance systems to help your security team amp up their vigilance.

AV conferencing

Video conferencing, teleconferencing, mobile conferencing, and other room collaboration systems for meeting rooms, back-end rooms, and shared spaces can meet the communication needs of your hospitality venue. Create opportunities for teamwork and efficiency with our AV conferencing solutions.

Redefine guest experience with TenFour

TenFour offers custom, reliable and impactful audio-visual systems to assist hospitality venues in providing stellar guest services.

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