AV and UC technology that creates connections

With over 20 years’ experience and excellence, we work with you achieve your audio visual, collaboration, and unified communications goals.

Audio & Video Conferencing

We offer leading-edge audio-video conferencing equipment, software, and services, backed by a steady track record of delivering the best-in-class experience. Our integrated audio-video conferencing systems and unified communication solutions are secure, effective, user-friendly and tailored to your unique needs.

Audio Systems

We offer high-end, accessible, and integrated end-to-end audio solutions for crystal clear communication and information delivery. Enhance your display and experience top-notch sound experiences with our cost-effective, user-friendly, and state-of-the-art audio solution, services, and support for enterprise-wise uses.

Audio Visual

We offer end-to-end integrated solutions that bring together audio, display, conferencing, automation, and IT modules to create a seamless audio-visual experience for clients. Our audio-visual technology solutions align with modern workspaces that thrive on robust digital collaboration and communication tools.

Control System

Our flexible, integrated, and tailored control system solutions enable businesses to unify and control their audio-visual equipment, lights, voice, data, and HVAC via intuitive and custom controls. We work with Crestron to create automated workspaces that are scalable, reliable, and end-user friendly.

Digital Signage

Digital signage employs projection, LCD, and LED technologies to display and stream multimedia content. From software systems and wayfinding to IPTV, our digital signage solutions help businesses engage and connect effectively. We are the sole distributor of ONELAN digital signage solutions in Australasia.

Display Solutions

We offer digital display solutions ranging from video walls, LED displays, and flat screens to interactive whiteboards and projectors. Our large format display solutions are ideal for theatres, auditoriums, control rooms, and similar busy locations. We also offer commercial display options for smaller spaces.

Room Booking & Scheduling

Room booking systems are a convenient and cost-effective way to reserve conference rooms and related resources or spaces while ensuring optimum resource utilisation. TenFour offers certified workspace booking solutions in partnership with leading technology vendors Condeco, Ubiqisense, and Crestron.

Streaming & Webcasting

Live streaming and webcasting help businesses connect with a larger audience. TenFour is a leading supplier of cutting-edge live streaming and webcasting solutions throughout New Zealand. We have partnered with Vimeo Livestream, Wowza, and Tripleplay to offer high-quality streaming platforms for businesses.

Workspace Management

Our workspace management solutions cover personal spaces, desk spaces, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces for optimum space utilisation and continuous monitoring. We work with Condeco and Crestron to create innovative and flexible workplace solutions that improve productivity and efficiency.