Audio-Visual Technology for the Sports and Leisure Industry

The vibe and setting of sports, leisure and recreational facilities determine the overall guest experience. 


Dynamic and interactive AV solutions with attractive displays and digital signage help create an unforgettable experience for your patrons.


Our custom, reliable, state-of-the-art audio-visual and unified communication solutions for the sports and leisure industry build the ambience that customers expect and demand.

Sports and leisure segments we cover

Experiences we create for sports and leisure

Digital signage and video walls

Play videos and display general information, update members with what’s going on in your gym or show game highlights to visitors in your stadium. Our interactive digital signage and immersive video walls and displays are designed to inform, entertain and engage your patrons, no matter the size of your venue.

Background music

Is the background music at your venue in sync with the energy of the place? Do your customers feel motivated to work out with the music you play? We design and install custom background music systems with crystal clear audio to create a warm, welcoming, or fun atmosphere, depending on your facility's needs.

Video and teleconferencing

Empower the administrators of your venue with effortless and glitch-free communication. Our state-of-the-art videoconferencing systems and collaboration tools are designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of executives and staff through uninterrupted communication while delivering the best customer experience.

Security and surveillance

Ensuring the safety of those visiting your sports or leisure venue is your utmost priority. Help your security personnel monitor what’s happening in and around your facility and amp up the safety and security of your guests, visitors, and staff with our video surveillance cameras and systems.

Paging and intercom

The ease with which your employees and staff can communicate with each other effortlessly has a direct impact on the quality of your customer service. Our paging and intercom systems are designed to help your employees communicate effectively and mobilise quickly in case of emergencies.

An industry leader in AV and UC communication

At TenFour, we recognise and understand the need to create stellar customer experiences through the best audio-visual technology.

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