Digital infrastructure for public services

Technology is fast transforming every industry, and the government sector is no exception. With public safety, security, and convenience at stake, there can be no room for glitches and downtime. 

Government agencies need quality, reliable and easy-to-use technology solutions for maintaining and improving public services.

TenFour offers custom, scalable, and dependable AV and UC solutions, enabling government agencies to make the most of technology in improving the citizen experience.

Segments we cover

Our solutions for the government sector

Video and teleconferencing

Government and public facilities need secure and reliable systems for daily communication. At TenFour, we offer a comprehensive suite of video and teleconferencing systems for quick and uninterrupted communication between officials, clients and stakeholders. Hold meetings and conferences across distances just as you would, face-to-face, with our custom solutions.

Digital signage-Video walls

Sharing information with the public in an attractive and engaging way gets easier with visually-appealing displays. Our digital signage and LED video walls are perfect for public meeting areas, lobbies, corridors and other areas of your facility. Play videos, distribute information, or help visitors navigate spaces with our advanced solutions.

Collaborative audio-video

Technology is crucial for conducting immersive meetings and productive training sessions. We offer a wide range of collaborative tools with engaging displays and flawless sound systems for conference rooms and training facilities. Our assisted hearing solutions guarantee that you can create an inclusive space at your facility.

Live streaming and presentation

Have you been looking for a reliable solution to broadcast important events at your government facility? At TenFour, we design and install custom and high-quality live streaming and wireless presentation solutions for auditoriums, briefing rooms and emergency operation centres of government institutions.

Integrated control

Our centrally managed command and control solutions for lighting, security and HVAC ensure safety and protection from internal and external threats. Empower your security personnel with video surveillance systems and stay up-to-date with everything happening inside and around your facility.

Redefining public services with TenFour

TenFour offers AV and UC technology for government agencies focusing on reliability and security, ensuring that critical public services face no interruption.

Contact our experts at TenFour for more information on how our technology can revolutionise the public sector. Click here to view the case studies.

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