Unwind and rejuvenate with the right technology

Break-out areas are becoming an increasingly essential space in modern workplaces.

With our work keeping us glued to our computer screens throughout the day, taking a break away from our desks becomes necessary. Break-out areas are the ideal space where your staff and employees can relax and rejuvenate, have impromptu meet-ups with colleagues, or even hold informal meetings with clients. 


Break-out areas often serve as an alternative workspace and are a great way to invest in the health and well-being of your employees.


With TenFour, you can transform your break-out spaces with the right audio-visual (AV) and unified communications (UC) technologies tailored for your business. 

Tailored AV & UC solutions for comfy break-out spaces

Whether simple or sophisticated, TenFour has custom AV & UC solutions for break-out spaces of any size and type.

Digital signage to engage and inform

At TenFour, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you integrate digital signage and IPTV into your break-out room AV systems. Whether you want to display corporate communication, entertain your team, or stream television content, our personalised digital signage solutions are what you need.

Collaborative display solutions

Break-out areas offer an excellent space for collaboration, team building, and communication while creating fun ways of working. From single-screen displays to impactful multiscreen video walls and LED displays, we will design and deliver break-out space AV solutions that are best for your business.

Go wireless with presentations

Wireless presentations are the perfect way to encourage teamwork and communication in break-out spaces. Let your team brainstorm ideas, present content and share screens with our wireless presentation solutions. After all, what’s better than collaborative spaces minus the clutter of cables!

Eliminate noise distractions

Looking to curate a break-out area that enhances privacy? With our sound-masking audio solutions, you can preserve the privacy and peace of your break-out space while creating the perfect chill-out zone. Controlling noise in break-out areas offers a relaxed atmosphere and decreases workplace stress.

Valuable partnerships that deliver quality and excellence

TenFour collaborates with leading technology vendors to bring solutions that add value to professional spaces.

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