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Auckland Transport Operations Centre
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Control Room, Display, Video Wall, Control Systems

Auckland Transport Operations Centre

About them:

The national roading network is managed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year via Transport Operations Centres (TOC’s) that are jointly owned and operated by NZTA and various local government agencies. In Auckland, ATOC Smales Farm manages State Highways and motorways in the upper North Island as well as key arterial routes and local roads in Auckland.

What We Did:

TenFour were first engaged by NZTA in 2009 to design and install a video wall solution for ATOC. On the success of this project, TenFour were awarded the contract to replace the video wall solution when up for renewal in 2017.

The solution forms part of an overall collaboration between NZTA, Auckland Transport, emergency services and other parties to provide a service to keep the regions transport running smoothly. Integrating with CCTV sources, the video wall provides situational awareness of traffic conditions and factors that may affect traffic flows. Collaborative parties are then able to work together on communications, incident response and management.

Project Objectives:

Due to the critical and 24/7 nature of the facility, TenFour designed a high-performance and reliable solution that both met current and future requirements of the agency.

Final Results:​

Comprising four main components; video wall processing technology, collaborative capability, LED display panels and a central control system; our solution delivers a seamless content management and distribution system for ATOC.

A Jupiter PixelNet processor was chosen for its proven reliability and is linked to Jupiter Canvas to manage the distribution of content from ATOC to other agencies and mobile field devices. With PixelNet, staff are able to resize, distribute, replicate, customise and arrange content on video walls or single displays, across multiple sites, all from a central point of control.

The flexibility and collaborative functionality of Canvas also enables video, data and applications, to be shared with staff anywhere, on any device, delivering end-to-end collaboration. Staff can share streams and collaborate from anywhere in the ATOC network; at the main display wall, on PCs, and on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets quickly and easily.

LG 55” Ultra Slim LED panels were chosen for the video wall displays and installed on a specially designed framework. In total, 36 x panels are installed in the control room in a 3 x 12 configuration and an additional 4 x panels installed in the training room in a 2 x 2 configuration. A key requirement of the video wall solution was that it be used as one large display surface; where any tile or window could be placed and viewed in any position on the video wall. The small 1.8mm bezel of the LG allowed for uninterrupted display whilst maintaining high-brightness and contrast for easy viewing.

The central control system gives full control of the video wall layout to key staff via web application on portable tablets. Using drag and drop technology, staff are able to select any source, resize and shape using their fingers on the tablet and send to any display or tiled arrangement in the facility. <

Overall, the enhanced features integrated by TenFour, built on the capability and functionality of the original 2009 solution to achieve a highly efficient and collaborative environment for ATOC.

TenFour continue to work closely with NZTA, providing 24/7 solution support under service level agreement for ATOC as well as completing similar video wall work at the Wellington TOC.

Auckland Transport Operations Centre

ATOC Control Room Video Wall Technology Solution
Auckland Transport Operations Centre Videowall Installation
ATOC Control Room Video Wall Technology Solution Auckland Transport Operations Centre Videowall Installation